The Australian War Memorial has continually said that there was no declared war between Aboriginal tribes and colonialists, and while you can find memorials dedicated to nurses, animals and a planned exhibition for war correspondents, there is no mention of the Frontier Wars … The Australian War Memorial (which does not tell the story of frontier war that killed, by some estimates, at least 60,000 indigenous people in Queensland alone) nonetheless has two stone gargoyles depicting the faces of an Aboriginal man and woman. Australian Frontier Wars are said to have lasted from the arrival of the British in 1788 to as late as 1934. The book examines Australia's violent colonial history, and reaches into some of our most challenging public debates - … The Australian frontier wars is a term applied by some historians to violent conflicts between Indigenous Australians (including both Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders) and white settlers during the British colonisation of Australia. Brendon chooses to limit his responsibility for managing the Australian War Memorial thence forward. In his address, Brendon ignored the Australian Frontier War (1788-1934). A BATTLE has broken out between the Australian War Memorial and a group of academics and historians over recognising the nation's early frontier wars between Aboriginal people and white settlers. That war was, of course, the Frontier Wars, fought from 1788 to the 1920s between Indigenous Australians and an invading coalition of white settlers, militia, police, and colonial soldiers. Aside from 90% self-absorption, Brendon confirmed to the gathering that his military history interest starts from Charles Bean’s 1914-1918 War correspondence. Alan Porritt/AAP April 24, 2014 The Frontier Wars: Australia’s forgotten conflicts - Duration: 3:08. The Australian War Memorial recognises wars ranging from Afghanistan right back to pre-Federation conflicts, but not Australia’s first war. Near the end of his latest book, Forgotten War, Henry Reynolds makes a demand: the Australian War Memorial must commemorate the frontier wars. The Feed SBS 11,296 views. Should there be a memorial to the Frontier at the Australian War Memorial? A push for the "frontier wars" to be recognised in the $500 million Australian War Memorial expansion was the most consistent piece of feedback about … Despite years of advocacy and debates, the Frontier Wars are still excluded from official rituals of war commemoration and from the halls of the Australian War Memorial.